About Us

We founded Blue Green Bags as a way to take responsibility for the small amount of change that we are all personally accountable for and capable of making.  In the face of the Frankenstein monster that is climate change - from Carbon Dioxide emissions, to rising water levels, and climate instability - we are individually powerless yet collectively culpable.  Our mission is to take charge of that which we can control.  Environmentally friendly bags made from Jute, Cotton, Organic Cotton, and recycled Cotton are where we strive to make our difference.  The scourge of plastics, and plastic bags in particular, wreak untold havoc on our cities, oceans, and ecosystem.  This is a synthetic problem of great proportions, however it is within our reach to address.  Ultimately, we choose to believe that there are no human problems for which there are not human solutions.  Join us in our pursuit.

Blue Green Bags offers small quantity minimum import orders at factory prices.  Most items are only 1,000 piece minimums, with others being as few as 500.  This allows for lower prices at much smaller than usual quantities.  Not to mention, it allows for full creativity when designing your bags giving your customers full say in the construction of their products.

Blue Green Bags is committed to best practice and high standards for our staff and the production of our Jute and Cotton bags. Our ethical production is fundamental to the integrity of our bags and we are proud to be leading the market with our standards.  We believe retailers and suppliers should take responsibility for improving the working conditions of the people involved in making their products.

Blue Green Bags has a commitment to ethical trade and adopt a strict code of labor practice thus addressing issues like wages, working hours, health and safety.  Blue Green's partners are based in India and they have annual independent audits at their factories to ensure the ethical standards are meeting the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) Base Code - the worldwide standard for ethical production.

The production facilities hold the following certifications:

ISO 9001 for Quality Management System

SA 8000 for Social Accountability

SEDEX 4 Pillar (For ETI and Environment)



We offer the following products made of Jute and Cotton:

Promotional bags

Beach bags

Carrier Bags

Exhibition handout bags

Wine bottle holders

Christmas sacs and gift bags

Drawstring and cosmetic bags

Aprons and cushion covers

Table runners and mats